About the Journal of the Civil War Era

About the Journal of the Civil War Era

The Journal of the Civil War Era is a peer-review journal that incorporates a broad view of the Civil War era, published in collaboration with The University of North Carolina Press and the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at the Pennsylvania State University. William Blair, of the Pennsylvania State University, is the founding editor, Judith Giesberg of Villanova University is editor, and Greg Downs of the University of California, Davis and Kate Masur of Northwestern University are associate editors. Rachel Shelden is the book review editor, and Kristen Epps is the digital media editor. The journal takes advantage of the flowering of research on the many issues raised by the sectional crisis, war, Reconstruction, and memory of the conflict, and by extension, the course of American history in the nineteenth century.

Besides offering fresh perspectives on military, political, and legal history of the era, The Journal of the Civil War Era attends to such topics as slavery and antislavery, labor and capitalism, popular culture and intellectual history, expansionism and empire, as well as Native American, African American, and women’s history. It is a venue for scholars engaged in race, gender, transnational, and the full range of theoretical perspectives that animate historical practice.

The editorial board reflects the wide range of specialties and theoretical engagements that form the scope of this publication. Board members include:

Stephen V. Ash, University of Tennessee
Stephen Berry, University of Georgia
David Blight, Yale University
Peter Carmichael, Gettysburg College
Brian DeLay, University of California
Lorien Foote, Texas A&M University
Gary Gallagher, University of Virginia
Matthew Gallman, University of Florida
Thavolia Glymph, Duke University
Tiya Miles, University of Michigan
Seth Rockman, Brown University
Nina Silber, Boston University
Manisha Sinha, University of Massachusetts
Fay Yarbrough, Rice University

The Journal of the Civil War Era is the official journal of the Society of Civil War Historians, providing a substantial readership base that will provide authors with visibility. Society members  automatically receive a subscription to the journal.

Manuscript submissions and inquiries about guidelines should be sent to Judith Giesberg, Editor, The Journal of the Civil War Era, at judith.giesberg@villanova.edu. All material should be double spaced and not exceed 10,000 to 11,000 words, including notes. Electronic submissions are welcome, but please include an attachment that serves as a cover letter with contact information. Queries concerning review essays should go to Greg Downs at gdowns@ucdavis.edu.

The editorial home for the journal is at the Richards Civil War Era Center, The Pennsylvania State University, 108 Weaver Building, University Park, Pa. 16802.

For subscriptions, please contact Suzi Waters at UNC Press at suzi_waters@unc.edu.

To advertise, please contact Dino Battista at UNC Press at dino_battista@unc.edu.