Current Issue Contents

Current Issue Contents

Volume 7, Number 2
June 2017


Judith Giesberg

Editor’s Note

Tom Watson Brown Book Award

Earl Hess

Rejuvenating Civil War Military History: A New Take on Infantry Tactics


Daniel Peart

System, Process, Agency, and Contingency in the Study of Antebellum Policymaking: The Tariff of 1846

Sarah L. H. Gronningsater

“On Behalf of his Race and the Lemmon Slaves”: Louis Napoleon, Northern Black Legal Culture, and the Politics of Sectional Crisis

Michael E. Woods

“Tell Us Something About State Rights”: Northern Republicans, States’ Rights, and the Coming of the Civil War

John M. Sacher

“Twenty-Negro,” or Overseer Law: A Reconsideration

Review Essay

William D. Carrrigan

The Strange Career of Judge Lynch: Why the Study of Lynching Needs to be Refocused on the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Book Reviews

Books Received

Notes on Contributors

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